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Primary Curriculum

1 Curriculum

"The initial stage of the Toddler year starts with weaning the child away from home for few hours. Slowly they start a few activities like Rhymes, Coloring and Storytelling. They are handled with a lot of care and tenderness."

“Early learning programme for Toddlers is between the age of two and half years to six years. These important and crucial years help the student to develop sensorial, muscular, intellectual, physical and motor skills. Creative hands on methods are adopted to teach the tiny tots. The children are taught how to write through sounds and identification of words, correlation of hand and eye movements. Our Toddler environment is fully equipped with modern Montessori materials. The kindergarten system is blended with Montessori to develop writing skills.”

2 Assessment & Evaluation

"Evaluation at this level is on a day to day basis by way of worksheets and communication skills. The overall performance of the child is a sum total of all the mathematical, linguistic, practical life and sensorial skills."